A brief analysis of the points for attention in the cleaning of quartz square cylinders

How to clean the quartz square cylinder, simply put the method of cleaning the quartz square cylinder:

Can be cleaned with hydrofluoric acid;

Wash or soak with fuming nitric acid or hot concentrated sulfuric acid for 3 to 5 minutes, or repeat several times if necessary.

  Burn at high temperature and blow with steam.

  Please see the following points for attention in the detailed cleaning of the quartz square cylinder organized by this editor:

  The whole process of cleaning the quartz tube should be carried out in strict accordance with the process safety standards related to the diffusion process.

  If there is a previously used hydrofluoric acid solution in the cleaning tank, if the solution is not dirty, you can add 10 bottles of hydrofluoric acid (prepared by the production personnel); if the original hydrofluoric acid solution is dirty, then The tank should be completely emptied and cleaned, and then the production personnel should be notified to prepare the solution; if there is no hydrofluoric acid solution left in the tank, the production personnel should be asked to prepare the solution after cleaning the tank.

  Cleaning personnel must wear protective glasses and acid-proof gloves, and then put the spare quartz square cylinder into the tank near the inside of the quartz square cylinder cleaning machine. Pull down the protective door, set the acid tank cleaning time to 30 minutes, and press the "acid tank start" button on the control panel.

Cleaning personnel wear protective glasses and gloves, take out the quartz square cylinder from the acid tank, and gently put it into the water tank. After emptying the water in the sink, rinse the inner and outer walls of the quartz square cylinder with a water gun for about 5 minutes. Do not press the "sink start" button when flushing the inner wall of the quartz square cylinder. If you have already pressed it, press the "sink end" button again. Then pull the water gun to the mouth of the quartz square cylinder, and flush the inner wall of the tube from the mouth to the tail of the cylinder. Care should be taken when rinsing so that no unwashed areas remain. After 2 minutes, rotate the quartz square cylinder 180°, and rinse in the same way for 2 minutes.


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