Quartz glass compared to other specialty glasses such as borosilicate glass

Excellent spectral transmittance and optical uniformity: Quartz glass is widely used in the optical field, especially in the fields of semiconductor lithography and precision optical devices. This excellent spectral transmittance and optical uniformity makes quartz glass the material of choice in these fields.

Good radiation resistance: Quartz glass has good radiation resistance, which allows it to be used in key components of spacecraft and space laboratories, such as window materials for the “Shenzhou” series of spacecraft and the “Tiangong” series of space experiments. Room protective cover, etc.

High purity and high performance: Quartz glass and borosilicate glass are both high-purity, high-performance special glasses. They are very different from ordinary glass in terms of composition, manufacturing process, performance and application.

Transparency: Quartz glass has good transparency in the ultraviolet range, while borosilicate glass has good transparency mainly in the visible range.

Corrosion resistance: Quartz glass has good corrosion resistance, which is very important in some specific application scenarios.

Anti-fading, anti-aging: Quartz glass has a strong ability to resist fading, which means that its color changes very slowly, basically an indelible color stability.

Composition and temperature resistance: The main component of quartz glass is silica, with a content of up to 99.99%, while the components of high borosilicate glass include sodium oxide, boron oxide and silica, of which the borosilicate content is higher. This results in differences in temperature resistance between the two.

Less dense: Quartz glass is less dense than other types of glass, making it an advantage in applications that require lightweight materials.

The unique advantages of quartz glass lie in its excellent spectral transmittance and optical uniformity, good radiation resistance, high purity and high performance, as well as special transparency and corrosion resistance. These properties make quartz glass widely used in optical devices, spacecraft, space laboratories and other fields.