Characteristics of quartz glass seals

Quartz glass seals are sealing components made of quartz glass material and are often used in environments where high temperature, high pressure or high chemical stability is required. These seals are usually used in closed experimental devices, chemical reactors, vacuum systems, high-temperature furnaces and other equipment to ensure the safety and stability within the system.

Features of quartz glass seals include:

1. High temperature performance: Quartz glass has excellent high temperature resistance and is not easily deformed or softened in high temperature environments, so it is suitable for sealing applications at high temperatures.

2. Chemical stability: Quartz glass seals have good corrosion resistance to many chemical substances and can resist the erosion of corrosive substances such as acids and alkalis. Therefore, they can be used in equipment requiring corrosion resistance such as chemical reactors.

3. Optical transparency: Compared with ordinary metal seals, quartz glass seals have better optical transparency, and the conditions inside the seal can be observed, which facilitates real-time monitoring.

4. Vacuum sealing: Quartz glass seals can provide good vacuum sealing performance and play a key role in the vacuum system.