How many steps are needed for washing quartz glass?

1. For a new quartz instrument, it can be soaked in water first, and then cleaned with a brush and detergent. After drying the quartz instrument, it can be soaked in lotion for several hours.

Second, after the laboratory technician finishes the experiment, pour out the solution remaining in the quartz instrument used, wash it with water, and put it on the mobile cart marked with the words "glass instrument to be cleaned".

Third, the laboratory assistant will clean the "quartz instrument to be cleaned" on the mobile vehicle at any time.

Fourth, bottle washing machine cleaning First, put the quartz instrument washed with water into the bottle washing machine, then adjust the required washing time and drying time, take it out after cleaning, let it cool, and put it in the storage room after drying .

Fifth, when the cleaned instrument is turned upside down, there should be no drops of water on the inner wall of the container after the water flows out.

Chemical beneficiation is to use the difference in solubility between impurity minerals and quartz in hydrofluoric acid solution to purify quartz raw materials. Shows the difference in solubility between crystal and mica in hydrofluoric acid solution. Flotation can be used to remove associated minerals such as mica, feldspar and metal ore in quartz. According to the crystallization chemical characteristics of the associated minerals, find out the particularity that determines and affects the surface properties of the minerals, and then select the appropriate flotation process according to the action mechanism of the chemical on the quartz surface to separate the quartz from the impurity minerals.


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