What about the electrical properties of quartz glass

Quartz glass has high dielectric strength and low electrical conductivity loss. Even at high temperature, its electrical conductivity and dielectric loss are lower than ordinary materials. It is especially suitable for high frequency and voltage applications under high temperature and high mechanical stress conditions. Insulation Materials.

When the conductivity is at 20°C, the conductivity of transparent quartz glass is 10--10-15 Si/m, and the conductivity of opaque quartz glass is 10*-3.2X10-Si/m, and its value is related to the purity of quartz glass .

The dielectric constant is at room temperature and 0-10 Hz frequency, the dielectric constant of transparent quartz glass is 3.70; the dielectric constant of opaque quartz glass is 3.50, the temperature rises, the dielectric constant increases slightly, and after 450C, the dielectric constant is significantly Increase.

Dielectric loss The relationship between dielectric loss and temperature of quartz glass is that with the increase of temperature, the dielectric loss increases. Above 350C, the dielectric loss increases more significantly with the increase of temperature.



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