The importance of quartz instruments in life!

The seasonal instruments produced by quartz instrument processing manufacturers are mostly used in the semiconductor industry and require higher purity. Trace impurities can have a serious impact on power semiconductor materials and life integration. Due to the requirement to control the purity of semiconductor materials below the ppb level, the timely instrument should control the demand of the PPM level semiconductor industry. b The segregation coefficient is close to 1, and the impurities that are difficult to remove are harmful. Influence of minority carrier lifetime of Cu, Fe, Ti, semiconductor, k, Na, lithium is a harmful impurity crystal material.

The role of quartz instruments in life is becoming more and more prominent. In order to give full play to its use value, we have done a good job of using it in the process of protection. Cleaning such products requires considerable effort, just to ensure good performance, the cleaning operation is carried out according to certain standards. First of all, fully consider the appropriate equipment to be used in correct posture. Generally, you can only touch the fingers of the hair on both sides. This is to prevent the fingers from touching the light surface, and the effect of use will be affected to a certain extent. At the same time, pay attention to lightness to prevent the influence of external force on the contrast color plate, and it will be damaged after being stressed. Quartz instruments do not hold material for long periods of corrosion and solutions. However, the instrument cannot be baked or dried in a flame or electric furnace.

Secondly, if it is found in the process of use that there are timely instruments with internal pollutants, it is necessary to effectively clean and use absolute ethanol. After cleaning, it must be wiped clean to prevent water from penetrating. In order to ensure the performance of the instrument, do not make transparent contact with hard or dirty disc surfaces. The solution, 2/3 high, can be a color disc. If the remaining optical surface can be gently absorbed with filter paper, then wipe the lens with paper or silk. Performance greatly protects the use of timely instruments.



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