What is Quartz Glass?

(1) Purity

Purity has a very high degree of purity. In highly integrated semiconductor manufacturing processes, the quartz glass used for reaction tubes requires strict purity due to the nuisance of trace impurities. Shin-Etsu Quartz continuously pursues the development of high-purity products, including high-purity transparent quartz glass with alkali metal impurities removed, and ultra-high-purity synthetic quartz glass.

(2) Heat resistance

Heat resistance It has excellent heat resistance and a very low coefficient of thermal expansion. In high-temperature processes such as heat treatment processes in semiconductor manufacturing, it is widely used for parts with high heat-resistant shape stability, such as furnace core tubes and ships. In addition, since quartz glass is amorphous, it can withstand very severe temperature changes.

(3) Transparency

Transparency Transparent quartz glass has the characteristics of much higher transmittance than ordinary glass at all wavelengths from ultraviolet to infrared, and is used as lens material for exposure devices used in semiconductor and liquid crystal manufacturing, as well as for optical fibers and lamps. . It transmits better than any other glass, especially in the short wavelength UV region.

(4) Chemical resistance

Chemical Resistance Chemical resistance is required as semiconductor manufacturing processes also use chemicals, but they are not attacked except for hydrofluoric acid and some other limited chemicals.

(5) Uniformity

Uniformity It is also used in lens materials for exposure equipment that requires high uniformity.


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