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  • Quartz square cylinder
Quartz square cylinder Quartz square cylinder

Quartz square cylinder

You may be unfamiliar with quartz square cylinders, but when it comes to glass, everyone is very familiar with it. After all, glass is an important thing in our life. In fact, quartz square cylinders are an instrument made of silicon dioxide. Of course, such glass It is a very good base material.

1. Pay attention to the temperature range

Quartz square cylinders can adapt to relatively high temperatures, but because each type of temperature has a different range of application, so when we use it, we must check the temperature of the environment we are using, and understand the temperature range we want to use. , so that the quartz square cylinder can play a better use value.

2. Good corrosion resistance effect

Things with corrosion-resistant use effects can generally be used in relatively special environments. Of course, they are useful for use in relatively corrosive places. Except for the chemical substance of hydrofluoric acid, quartz glass has almost no chemical reaction with other acids. Therefore, the acid resistance of the upper quartz square cylinder is 30 times that of ceramics, and 150 times that of stainless steel.

3. Pay attention to thermal stability

Materials such as quartz square cylinders have extremely high thermal stability, and such thermal stability can withstand severe temperature changes. However, when using it, we must pay attention to the problem of residual strain and the shape of the product, because different strain effects and the shape and thermal stability of the product are different, so we must pay attention to it when using it.

Quartz square cylinders also have good corrosion resistance when used, but when used, especially in high temperature environments, care must be taken to avoid contact with alkaline substances as much as possible.


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