How to choose a quartz instrument processing manufacturer

The special stability of the quartz instrument is good, its special expansion coefficient is low, and it can withstand various severe temperature changes. Even if the quartz glass is heated to about 1100°C and then put into normal temperature water, it will not burst. Quartz instruments have good light transmission performance, have good light transmission in all spectral bands, and have high transmission.

The quality requirements of the batch materials of quartz instruments are correctness and stability, the chemical composition, moisture and particle size of various raw materials in the batch materials, etc., to ensure the correctness and stability of the molten glass composition, with a certain amount of moisture, Moisture has a favorable effect on the uniformity of batch materials. Dry materials are not easy to mix evenly and are easy to layer, which is not good for melting. The particle size of raw materials changes, and the amount of water added to batch materials also changes. The finer the particles, the more water should be added.



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