Manufacturing process and industrial application of quartz reactor

The manufacture of quartz reactors can be operated under vacuum pressure during emulsification, dispersion, dissolution, and mixing. During the process, the glass kettle can be used to observe the stirring and dispersing process of all materials.

The manufacture of quartz reactors is widely used in the cosmetics industry and the pharmaceutical industry. During the process of use, the pressure, temperature, and pH value of the materials can be measured, and the materials can be controlled to a large extent during the processing. cooling or heat treatment.

The manufacture of quartz reactor is mainly composed of agitator, support, transmission device, oil spill tank and other components during processing. It will be equipped with temperature measurement, electric heating rod and pressure gauge during use.

Due to the different production process and operating conditions in the manufacture of quartz reactors, the stirring method will also become different during the operation process. Generally, there will be paddle type, anchor type, frame type, turbine type, etc., and the pot of the equipment There is a discharge port at the lower part of the body.

In the manufacture of quartz reactors, heat transfer oil will be placed inside, and its steam will be used for heating in the process of oil discharge, electric heating rod, and temperature measurement. The supply of warm steam heat source when the product is running is usually equipped with a boiler, made of stainless steel It also has certain excellent mechanical properties.

Manufactured quartz reactors can withstand high working pressure during use, and under certain circumstances can also withstand the impact of bulk solid material feeding. The heat resistance of the equipment is very good during operation. , and its operating temperature range is relatively wide. The product will not oxidize and peel at high temperature, so it can be used for direct fire heating.



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