Large diameter quartz tube use

1, because large diameter quartz tube products are valuable materials, so when using must be lightly held and lightly placed, although the nature of quartz is stable but also belong to fragile items, so our use should be very careful.

  2, need high temperature use of large diameter quartz tube, must be wiped clean before use. Can be soaked with 10% hydrofluoric acid or washing solution, then cleaned with high purity water or alcohol treatment. The operation should wear thin wire gloves, not allowed to touch the large-diameter quartz tube directly by hand.

  3, large diameter quartz tube is acidic materials, high temperature use strictly avoid contact with alkaline substances, otherwise it will greatly reduce its anti-crystallization performance.

  4, high temperature allows the continuous use of large diameter quartz tube products, which is beneficial to extend the life of large diameter quartz tube and improve the temperature resistance. Conversely, the intermittent use of large-diameter quartz tube products at high temperatures, the number of uses is limited.

  5, although the large diameter quartz tube material has a very high thermal stability, can withstand the dramatic temperature difference between the sudden change. But the actual use, due to residual strain and different product shapes, thermal stability has some differences, should be noted when using.

  6, a variety of large diameter quartz tubes have a maximum operating temperature, should not exceed this temperature, otherwise it will precipitate crystal or softening deformation.


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