Quartz glass customized according to shape, size, optical properties

Quartz glass can be customized according to customers' specific needs and requirements, and can cover aspects such as shape, size, optical properties, chemical stability, etc. The following are some common contents of quartz glass customization: Shape and size: According to the design requirements or samples provided by the customer, the shape and size of quartz [...]

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What are the specific applications and advantages of quartz glass in the semiconductor field?

Quartz glass indeed holds a pivotal role in the semiconductor industry owing to its remarkable properties. Its versatility is showcased in various critical processes throughout semiconductor manufacturing. Let's delve deeper into the advantages of quartz glass and its specific applications: 1. High Temperature Resistance: Quartz glass can withstand extreme temperatures encountered in semiconductor processing, making [...]

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Quartz glass compared to other specialty glasses such as borosilicate glass

Excellent spectral transmittance and optical uniformity: Quartz glass is widely used in the optical field, especially in the fields of semiconductor lithography and precision optical devices. This excellent spectral transmittance and optical uniformity makes quartz glass the material of choice in these fields. Good radiation resistance: Quartz glass has good radiation resistance, which allows it [...]

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