Quartz glass customized according to shape, size, optical properties

Quartz glass can be customized according to customers’ specific needs and requirements, and can cover aspects such as shape, size, optical properties, chemical stability, etc. The following are some common contents of quartz glass customization:

Shape and size: According to the design requirements or samples provided by the customer, the shape and size of quartz glass products can be customized, which can be various shapes, such as spherical, cylindrical, square, etc., as well as different sizes and thicknesses.
Optical properties: For quartz glass products that need to be used in optical devices, their optical properties, such as transparency, refractive index, scattering rate, etc., can be customized to meet specific optical requirements.
Chemical stability: According to the use environment and application requirements, the chemical stability of quartz glass is customized so that it can withstand specific chemical corrosion or high temperature environments.
Surface treatment: Customized surface treatment of quartz glass products, such as polishing, frosting, coating, etc., to improve its surface finish, wear resistance and stain resistance.
Special functions: According to specific application requirements, quartz glass products with special functions are customized, such as high temperature resistance, wear resistance, impact resistance, explosion-proof and other properties.
Mass production and customized batch: According to the customer’s order requirements, the batch of quartz glass products can be customized, which can be small batch customization or large-scale mass production.