Quartz glass melting point

Quartz glass is a single-component glass of silica. This glass has high hardness and can reach Mohs level 7. At the same time, it also has high temperature resistance, low expansion coefficient, thermal shock resistance, chemical stability and good electrical insulation properties. And can transmit ultraviolet and infrared. It is widely used in the production of electric light sources, semiconductors, semiconductor communication devices, lasers, optical instruments, laboratory instruments, electrical equipment, medical equipment and high temperature and corrosion resistant chemical instruments, chemical industry, electronics, metallurgy, building materials and national defense industries. .

People mainly use quartz continuous melting method to produce quartz tubes, plates and bars. The high-purity quartz sand continuously flows into the vertical continuous furnace, and the material is continuously melted at a high temperature above 2000°C, and then passes through the core rod former, and finally flows continuously along the material table, and becomes a product after cooling. Quartz products have better resistance to sudden cooling and sudden heating than ordinary glass products, and are not easy to burst.

Since the melting point of quartz is 1750°C, it is a high-temperature manufacturing process. To melt quartz, a container with a higher melting point is required, so the refractory metal tungsten and molybdenum is widely used in the quartz continuous melting industry.


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