quartz tube

Outside diameter, inside diameter, length and other dimensions can be customized according to needs.

Quartz tube is a tube made of high purity quartz glass, which has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, high light transmission, excellent thermal stability and electrical insulation. It is widely used in scientific research, chemical industry, semiconductor and other fields, and is an ideal material in experiments and industrial production.



Quartz glass has several significant advantages:

1.High Temperature Resistance: Quartz glass has a softening point temperature of approximately 1730°C and can be used for long periods of time at 1100°C and for short periods of time at temperatures up to 1450°C. This is a very high temperature resistance. This high temperature resistance enables quartz glass to maintain stable performance in high temperature environments.
2.Corrosion resistance: quartz glass almost does not react with other acids, its acid corrosion resistance is 30 times better than acid-resistant ceramics, 150 times better than stainless steel, especially at high temperatures, the chemical stability of any other engineering materials are incomparable.
3.Thermal stability: the thermal expansion coefficient of quartz glass is extremely small, can withstand drastic temperature changes, the quartz glass will be heated to about 1100 ℃, into the water at room temperature will not blow up.
4.High hardness: the hardness of quartz glass is very high, comparable to steel, which makes it very wear-resistant.
5.Excellent Optical Properties: Quartz glass has extremely high transparency and good transmittance to both the visible and ultraviolet spectrums, which makes it widely used in the optical field.
6.Electrical insulation properties: quartz glass has excellent electrical insulation properties and is not easily conductive, which is one of its major advantages as an electrical component.





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