Quartz glass rods

Outer diameter, length and other dimensions can be customized.

Quartz glass rods are solid rod-shaped items made of high-purity quartz glass raw material. It is characterized by high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, high light transmittance, excellent thermal stability, etc. and is widely used in many fields such as scientific research, industry, and optics. The high purity and excellent performance of quartz glass rods make them the material of choice for a variety of high-end applications. Whether it is used for laboratory instruments, optical instruments, or semiconductor industrial production, quartz glass rods have shown their unique value and importance.



Detailed introduction of quartz glass rods

Quartz glass rods are rod-shaped items made of high-purity quartz glass material. It has all the properties of quartz glass and plays an important role in various scientific research, industry, laboratory and other fields. The following is a detailed introduction of quartz glass rods:

I. Material Properties

The main material of quartz glass rod is quartz glass, which is a material with special physical and chemical properties. It has extremely high purity and very low content of internal impurities. At the same time, the softening point temperature of quartz glass is very high, which makes the quartz glass rods work stably for a long time in a high temperature environment. In addition, it has good corrosion resistance and is resistant to most acids and alkali solutions.

Second, performance characteristics

Quartz glass rods have excellent high-temperature resistance and can keep its structure and performance stable at high temperature. At the same time, it also has excellent thermal stability, i.e., small coefficient of thermal expansion, and can withstand drastic temperature changes without rupture or deformation. In addition, quartz glass rods have high light transmittance and are widely used in the optical field.

Application fields

Quartz glass rods have a wide range of applications. In scientific research laboratories, it can be used as a reaction vessel, stirring rod, transfer of liquid infusion and so on. In industrial production, quartz glass rods can be used to manufacture a variety of instruments and equipment, such as semiconductor production equipment, photovoltaic equipment, chemical equipment and so on. In addition, due to its excellent high temperature resistance and stability, quartz glass rods are also used as ablative materials for the return of astronautical spacecraft and intercontinental missiles to the atmosphere.

Fourth, the production process

The production process of quartz glass rods requires very strict requirements. First of all, you need to choose high-purity quartz raw materials, and then after high-temperature melting, fine stretching and other processes to make the rod. In the production process, you need to strictly control the temperature, time and raw material ratio and other factors to ensure the quality and performance of quartz glass rods.

Overall, quartz glass rods are a kind of high-purity quartz products with excellent performance and a wide range of applications. Whether in scientific research experiments, industrial production or high-end technology, quartz glass rods play an irreplaceable role.



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