What are the characteristics of quartz glass tubes, how to choose a good quartz tube

1. Characteristics of quartz tube

The excellent performance of quartz products has been widely praised by everyone. It has three major properties, good insulation, thermal stability, and tube light transmission. Quartz glass has good light transmission performance in the entire spectral band from ultraviolet to infrared, and the visible light transmittance is above 93%, especially in the ultraviolet spectral region, the transmittance can reach more than 80.

Quartz products are easy to break, so handle them with care when selecting to avoid breaking due to contact. Although it has good heat resistance, its expansion coefficient needs to be considered when used with other substances, otherwise it will be damaged. After use, it should be cleaned with ionized water, and it is forbidden to touch it with hands after cleaning, otherwise the high purity of the quartz instrument will be lost and its service life will be affected.

Second, how to choose a good quartz

1. There is a natural stone smell, and the quartz stone with a bad smell is added with formaldehyde-containing glue during the production process. Good quartz tubes are produced from environmentally friendly materials. The plates produced have a strong smell of formaldehyde. No matter how cheap the price of this quartz tube is, you can’t choose it. It is life-threatening!

2. If there are pores, the quartz tube is not good, and whether there are pores on the surface.

3. The scratches are deep and obviously unqualified, scratched by keys or pencil sharpeners.

4. If there is a cut and cracked hole, it is unqualified, and the upper and lower edges of the cut surface.

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